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With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, TasHeel understands the importance of building the right platforms for specific business. TasHeel's solution offering are categorized into 3 platforms as follows:

1 Admin System

TasHeel’s Office Automation System enables organizations to automate their business processes to provide employees and customers the simplicity and ease of utilizing dependable systems and processes in their daily business transactions. TasHeel’s Admin systems platform is based on Akrebeia ERP system, where TasHeel is an exclusive distributor of Akrebeia products in the Middle East and Africa.

Human Resource System (HR)

The Akrebeia Human Resources System is composed of several integrated applications that can handle the various administrative processes of HR departments and it simplifies human resources activities with its built-in workflow and notification features. It not only automates an HR department’s tasks but also provides the entire organization with a systematic flow of business processes that are aligned with international quality standards, allowing organizations to keep pace with current trends in the industry.

E-Payroll System

The E-Payroll module is an excellent complement to the Human Resources System because it is purposely designed to automate and manage your organization’s compensation and benefits processes, from setup stage, to preparation and posting. The Akrebeia E-Payroll system supports Advance/Normal type payroll calculation, Multi-period payroll, Timesheet integration, Payroll to bank transfer, Payslips, Loans/Expenses, End of Service benefits calculation, various payment types (cash, bank deposit, check).

Budget & Accounting System (BAS)

TasHeel’s Akrebeia BAS automates the budget and accounting operation of your organization and perform the processes for your finance and accounting departments. It supports automated workflow and approval, and allows managing the flow of transactions, documents and communications within the organization.

Inventory & Purchasing System (IPS)

Akrebeia Inventory & Purchasing System (IPS) automates the business processes and functions associated with your inventory and purchasing, thereby controlling costs and tracking expenses, in line with organization policies and procedures.

Operation & Maintenance System (OMS)

The Akrebeia OMS is a powerful management tool that can help provide your organization with efficient and improved operation and maintenance monitoring activities to keep your systems running at optimum levels, protect your investments, and reduce operating cost.

HelpDesk System

The Akrebeia HelpDesk System is a web-based solution that automate the helpdesk and service desk functions of organizations that includes call management, call tracking, knowledge management, problem resolution, and self-help capabilities and provides a central location for recording and logging support calls and requests.

Project Tracking System (PTS)

Akrebeia PTS provides the features and functionalities required to enable organizations to effectively manage and keep track of their various project activities, as well as priorities. Akrebeia PTS is a complete Project Tracking System solution composed of applications that share a centrally-managed repository of projects and resources data to provide project teams and other concerned parties with quick and convenient access to business critical information. The Akrebeia PTS shall automate the project management life cycle of your organization from proposal stage, project execution, up to the project completion and final handover stages.

2 Automation Platform

TasHeel’s Automation platform is composed of the following systems that will provide organizations, its employees, and its clients the ability to collaborate and coordinate work transactions/processes within each respective system. Some of the applications below has mobile versions for IOS, Android, and Windows 8 systems.

Document/Record Management System (DMS)

The Akrebeia Document Management System (DMS) is a product designed for managing the organization’s internal, external, incoming, and outgoing documents of a company. This application is used to digitally capture, store and view documents from virtually any source (paper or non-paper form). The Akrebeia DMS electronically archives documents and allows users to attach files in different formats such as MS-Word documents, MSExcel worksheets, drawings, photos, etc. In a fast-paced environment, authorized users may easily store, retrieve and share information securely at an instant.

Archiving System

The Akrebeia Archiving System enables an organization to capture, store, and view information digitally from any type of source, paper or non-paper. It is a web-based solution that allows organizations to electronically file, archive, and search electronic documents, and other organizational data that are stored, accessed and maintained by the organization.

E-mail (DLP) Organizer

The system is used for archiving selected types of emails (e.g. allows a user to send emails/attachments to a DMS cabinet) and also supports full email archiving (catch-all addresses to archive all emails). As a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology for email, this ensures that all relevant emails are archived as part of the Record/DMS which is vital for compliance with government regulations in archiving and maintaining historical records.

Committee Management System (CMMS)

The Committee/Meeting Management System is a specially designed application for committee members that provide features such as setting meeting schedules and relevant details, publishing on the organization website, collaboration, and the ability to attach corresponding documents.

Project Financial Reporting System (PFRS)

The Project Financial Reporting System is used to manage and track the project phases, milestones and their status in relation to the financial processes associated with government projects (e.g. contracts, deliverables, payment schedules, billing and invoices, payments and disbursements, change orders, etc.). To facilitate project finance tracking and management, the PFRS provides a graphical view of the project phases typically used by government agencies based on guidelines provided by the Ministry of Finance.

Case Management System

The Case Management System is an end-to-end tool for recording and tracking cases from the time a case is created, through investigation, arrests, trials, sentencing, including the monitoring of sentence completion.

The system consists of various modules allowing users to record and update information related to their roles. Beginning with the creation of the case, the concerned agency is able to record detailed information about the case such as the names and other relevant personal details of the suspects, complainants or victims and witnesses; case type and particulars, evidences and other details as recorded in complaints or police reports. Whenever available, person information is validated against the government’s central citizen and resident foreigner data which can be fully integrated with the CMS.

The solution has been implemented in various government agencies and customized according to their requirements and business processes.

Enterprise Search

Akrebeia Enterprise Search provides the ability for an organization to establish an in-house search database for the various systems and applications that they use. The Akrebeia Enterprise Search features a sophisticated search engine that can crawl and index any database within the organization and provide a highly structured and optimized search database. Using “Big Data” technology, the Akrebeia Enterprise Search is able to perform search functions almost instantaneously providing search results in very short time.

Search results will contain matches relevant to the keyword entered and will provide the links to the original location of the data. This way, data is secured because one has to have the proper access rights and privileges to the application and data returned by the search engine before they can view the actual content/data that is listed in the search results.

DMS Exchange Hub (DXH)

The DMS Exchange Hub enables electronic exchange of documents between different organizations using Akrebeia DMS including third party DMS applications. The Document Exchange Hub facilitates document delivery and exchange between government agencies and enables the secure electronic transmission of documents.

3 Integrated Intelligent Security Platform

TasHeel has been providing leading edge applications built specially for law enforcement, intelligence and security organizations based on the Intelligent Security Platform. In our extensive experience working with various government agencies, we implement proven products to law enforcement and intelligence communities for case management, open source intelligence gathering and people profiling.

TasHeel’s solutions under the Integrated Intelligent Security Platform consists of the InGrav (Information Gravity) range of web security and intelligence products. InGrav has products designed for law enforcement, security and intelligence agencies and products designed for commercial applications.

OSINT Monitor

A member of the InGrav (Information Gravity) range of web security and intelligence products, InGrav OSINT Monitor provides the ability to gather information available on different Internet open sources such as websites, social networking sites, news feeds, forums/blogs, search databases. It can be used to monitor topics of interest on major social networking sites, news sites and others.

InGrav OSINT Monitor features advanced capabilities for processing Arabic language to perform sentiment and trend analysis. In addition to multilanguage analysis, it is also capable of processing informal or fused languages such as Arablish including web or chat alphabets such as Arabish or Arabizi.

Data extracted by InGrav OSINT Monitor is stored and processed as “noise-free” quality data on the agency’s local database for monitoring, filtering, and further analysis thus providing government security agencies valuable insight to improve situational awareness, to help in crime prevention or in responding to a crisis.

My Media Cruncher

My Media Cruncher is an InGrav product used for social media analytics solution that can be used by commercial companies and non-government organizations (NGOs) to compare their social media channels and track their online presence on social media networks. This allows them to analyze and learn what strategies and promotions work and what does not thereby enabling them to make right decisions based on social media information.

InGrav’s My Media Cruncher features smart automated reporting and very flexible and customizable dashboards. Users can define various metrics for brand monitoring and analysis. With access and insight to valuable social media information, it can help them define effective strategies for customer care and social support, brand/product promotion, relationship management and event planning.