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Good Practices

12 Most importantly, Stay Informed

Stay current with the latest developments for Windows, MacOS Linux, and Unix systems and in various smartphone operating systems. Regularly browse for security updates and important issues concerning variuos operating systems and applications.

  • Keep up-to-date with latest trends and best practices in (personal) computer and internet security

    Know the latest trends and best security measures that you can apply to your personal computer and in using the internet. Learn the latest trends in security to provide better protection to your computer and on how you use the internet. Be informed on the latest updates of your operating system and the available patches that need to be installed.
  • Periodically read tips and recommendations on do’s and don’ts of personal computing, social media and general internet browsing practices

    Familiarize yourself on various tips and recommendations on the proper utilization of personal computers, social media and internet browsing. This will help you to avoid or to protect your devices from the latest security risk and known viruses that may affect your computer.
  • Pay attention to the alerts and messages of your PC, anti-virus software and other security products

    Most commonly these type of alerts informs the user that there is something wrong with the computer, from virus attack, soon to expire/or expired anti-virus software and other security treats that is currently bothering the operation of the computer. Users need to immediately deal with such alerts and messages before something irreversible happens to the computer and compromise the data stored.