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Good Practices

10 Be conscientious of what you plug into your machine /device

Malware and other types of computer virus can be easily spread through the use of USB drives and other devices plugged to your computer. This usually happens when a malware-infected PC transfers itself onto a USB drive, without the user ever knowing. The infected USB then pass along the infection to new computers they encounter. Attackers commonly spread malware by leaving infected drives in places where curious users might be susceptible to plug the infected device into their computer.

In order to protect your computer from infected drives, make sure to disable Autorun, install the latest antivirus and firewall, keep your operating system up-to-date and be cautious on what you plug in to your computer.

  • Do not let anyone plug their devices (e.g. charge a phone) to your PC/laptop

    External devices might infect your PC/laptop once plugged. Many smartphones work as USB-connected disk drive once plugged to a PC/laptop. If this is the case, then smartphones might infect your computer especially if it contains infected file or program.
  • Do not plug unknown USB or mobile devices to your PC/laptop

    Just as you should exercise caution when deciding to click on links or to download programs, you should be just as vigilant when it comes to plugging in just any USB or mobile devices into your computer. Think twice before plugging in that USB drive or mobile device, that little device could be putting your computer and your personal information at risk.
  • When using your own USB devices, make sure to scan with anti-virus tools before using it especially when you plugged it into other PCs or devices

    In order to prevent your computer from being infected by viruses through external devices plugged to your machine, it is best practice to scan the plugged devices before using. Several USB virus scan packages automatically scan USB devices when inserted into computers. These antiviruses have new protection level which detects viruses missed by the best antivirus software, and provides maximum protection against any threat that tries to attack a system via any USB storage device.