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Yesser Completes First Phase of E-Correspondence Project

MCIT-Yesser held a recognition event on May 21, 2015 for the Project Teams who successfully completed the “Yesser E-Correspondence Project” which is now being transitioned from Project Execution Phase to Operation and Maintenance Phase. Representatives from the sponsor organization (Yesser) and the stakeholder organizations (Ministry of Communications and Information Technology – MCIT, and Communications and Information Technology Commission – CITC) was recognized during the event including team members from Tasheel Information Technology which is the vendor/solution provider for the project. A total of ten (10) persons was recognized in the event all of whom received appreciation letters from MCIT-Yesser.

The Yesser E-Correspondence Project is part of Yesser’s E-Government Program to implement a Record/Document Management System that can be used by government agencies either as an in-premise system or cloud based system. Aside from the R/DMS, the project’s main goal was to establish an electronic exchange platform for government-wide use that will allow agencies to send/receive documents between each other.

Tasheel implemented Akrebeia Document Management System and Akrebeia Document Exchange Hub for this project. The Akrebeia Document Management System (DMS) is a web-based Document/Record Management System that electronically manages, track, and archive an organization’s internal, external, incoming, and outgoing documents. Akrebeia DMS is a robust and proven DMS solution that is currently used by many government agencies. The Akrebeia Document Exchange Hub is a platform that facilitates the process of sending/receiving documents between organizations in an efficient, effective and secure platform. It supports document transmission with Akrebeia DMS and with third party DMS application via web services. Some of the benefits of the Document Hub are: faster way of sending documents; faster notification of new incoming documents; eliminates manual process of delivering documents; and single data entry for document indexing and images.

Yesser, the organization who sponsored the project and who also spear-headed the project execution are now linked with MCIT and CITC via the Document Hub implemented by Tasheel. This allows them now to electronically send/receive official documents via the Document Hub. Integration of other agencies with the Document Hub, which is the second phase of the project, is currently in progress for many organizations and government agencies who are expected to come online in the coming weeks.